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Mayor and Council's Address

Following tradition, the inagural meeting of Dutton Dunwich Council, held December 5, 2018 was relatively short, with only three items of formal business, the naming of representatives to different boards and committees, a recount by-law as well as a resolution appointing John "Ian" Fleck to the Elgin County Land Division Committee. In his opening remarks, Mayor Bob Purcell stated that he is celebrating the fact that all new members of Council bring something unique to the Council table. The Mayor pointed out that although Council members won't always agree on all issues before them, he encouraged them to speak out and fight for what they believe to be right. He asked that Council Members show respect for the offices they hold and anticipates Council working together as a team. The Mayor stated that they must respect taxpayers of Dutton Dunwich as the decision made by Council affects their pocket books as well as their lives. Mayor Purcell closed by expressing his desire that Council Members do the best they can, and "let's have some fun doing it".

Deputy Mayor Mike Hentz reflected on the many decisions and accomplishments that were achieved over the last term of Council. He anticipates that the momentum will continue to move forward during this next term of Council.

Newly elected Councillors Amarilis Drouillard, Ken Loveland and Patricia Corneil expressed their thanks to the residents of Dutton Dunwich and look forward to working with fellow Council Members and staff.


Photo of 2018 - 2022 Council

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