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Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste Event

For Residents of Dutton Dunwich and West Elgin

Saturday August 17, 2019 - 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

West Elgin Public Works Garage, 22413 Hoskins Line, Rodney ON

Acceptable  Items

  • Paint/pigments/coating residues: including stain, marine coatings, automotive paint, driveway sealer, urethane, epoxy paint, pruning paint, roof coating
  • Aerosols:  including spray paint, cleaners, polishes, Raid, 1 lb propane cylinders (camping)
  • Miscellaneous waste inorganic chemicals: pool chemicals, bleach, TSP, photochemicals
  • Miscellaneous waste organic chemicals:  including transmission fluid, car wax, car polishes, windshield antifreeze, kerosene, glues, varsol, mineral spirits, thinners, drywall compound, caulking, degreaser, wood preservative, resins, epoxies
  • Pesticides & herbicides:  including round up, black-leaf 40, 2-4D
  • Waste oils & lubricants
  • Fluorescent tubes/bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Used tires (on or off rims)
  • Electronics

Items Not Accepted:

  • Commercial waste, farm chemicals, large containers, explosives, asbestos and radioactive material.
  • Large containers will not be accepted.  Containers must be able to be placed inside a 45 gallon drum.
  • Used oil containers must be sealed and must be able to be handled by one person.

Please have your driver’s license available for proof of residency in West Elgin or Dutton Dunwich.  For further information contact the Municipality of Dutton Dunwich at (519) 762-2204; or the Municipality of West Elgin at (519) 785-0560.

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