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OPP Media Release - Half Load Season

(ELGIN COUNTY, ON) - The Elgin County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has completed the targeted portion of half load season on our roadways.


From March 1 to April 30, commercial motor vehicles are restricted to reducing their weights to ensure the roadway doesn't wear prematurely. Secondary roadways are more vulnerable to the freeze thaw cycle of spring arriving. Damage to our roadways is a public safety concern.


The London Highway Safety Division of the OPP, Ministry of Transportation, and Aylmer Police Service all took part in the targeted portion of the half load enforcement.


Recently purchased portable weight scales by the Elgin County Police Services Board proved pivotal to the success of this year's half load enforcement. The portable weigh scales allowed officers to check weights at or near the roadside. Thus eliminating travel time to an inspection station.


Since acquiring the scales the Elgin County OPP has laid over 80 Highway Traffic Act offences against commercial motor vehicles throughout the County. Elgin County OPP's traffic management unit are trained in the use of these portal scales.


Half load season is still in affect till April 30. Officers will continue to be on the lookout for commercial motor vehicles not abiding by this law.    


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