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Aylmer - Elgin - St. Thomas Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Message from Mayor French, Warden, Marks and Preston

On behalf of the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan Coordinating Committee,we are pleased to present the Aylmer-Elgin-St. Thomas Community Safety andWell-being (CSWB) Plan. The CSWB Plan is a roadmap for how partners acrossdifferent sectors can work together to make our community a safer, more inclusiveplace where all residents thrive. This plan marks a shift in focus from a reactive,response-based approach to incidents to a more proactive, holistic approach tocommunity safety.

With this plan, we will respond to the needs of our communities as we use local datato make evidence-informed decisions. We will develop and implement newstrategies to address the complex issues facing our communities, and we will workwith our community partners to rethink the way we deliver services. Many of ourcommunity partners are already doing excellent work to contribute to safety andwell-being in Aylmer, Elgin and St. Thomas. The CSWB Plan recognizes that complexrisks to safety and well-being cannot be addressed in isolation by any oneorganization, agency or sector. The goal of this Plan is to achieve greatercoordination and collaboration on issues and situations before they escalate. It isimportant to continue to build and strengthen partnerships across sectors, and wethank our many community partners that have come together to develop this Plan.

This Plan will define community safety and well-being planning in Elgin and St.Thomas over the coming years, but it is not a final destination. Community safety andwell-being issues will continue to evolve, and we are committed to ongoingengagement and dialogue to ensure that the Plan remains informed, relevant andreflective of evolving needs. We thank you for your feedback throughout theplanning process, and we look forward to working with you all to make ourcommunities safer, more inclusive places where all residents thrive.

Mary French
Mayor, Town of Aylmer
Tom Marks
Warden, County of Elgin
Joe Preston
Mayor, City of St. Thomas

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