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Parks & Recreation

Welcome to Parks and Recreation!

Our goal is to meet the community's recreation, leisure and social needs by offering a variety of programs and events for all ages.  We encourage all residents to participate in our programs and events as part of a healthy lifestye promoting quality of life, family and community relationships.  We have available year-round facilities and programs for youth, teens, adults, families and seniors to enjoy!

Contact:  Municipal Office

199 Currie Road, Dutton ON  N0L 1J0

For inquiries and bookings please call   519-762-2204 


Recreation Committee - Get involved!

The Municipality of Dutton Dunwich continues its’ commitment to recreation programs.  We are recruiting members for the Recreation Committee, and those community members ready and willing to assist with various events throughout the year.  


To enhance the quality of life for the residents of the Municipality of Dutton Dunwich through the provision of parks, recreation, culture, program services, festivals and community events. To foster, develop and implement recreation opportunities to enhance individual wellbeing, community wellbeing, and the wellbeing of our built and natural environments. To advocate the social, economic, personal and environmental benefits of leisure services to residents who use the parks and recreation services.


The role of the Recreation Committee is to provide recommendations and operational support to Council with the assistance of the Recreation Staff Member on matters pertaining to the Recreation in the Municipality of Dutton Dunwich. 


The Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) voting members who must be residents of Dutton Dunwich and demonstrate interest and commitment to the delivery of quality municipal recreation services, programs and facilities and are willing to work toward the effective implementation of strategic direction whom collectively comprise a balanced representation of the community. 


Publication Date:  September 22nd, 2021


DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM and submit or send any questions to info@duttondunwich.on.ca


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