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Dog Tags

Dog Tags

Residents are required to purchase their dog tags before the end of January each year.  Reminders to do so are sent out in February.  Dog tags are not added to municipal taxes.

Cost of Dog Tags:

  1. 1st male or spayed female dog $30.00; 2nd dog an additional $40.00; 3rd dog an additional $50.00.
  2. Kennel Licence - $100.00
  3. Late fee (after June 1st)  $10.00 per dog
  4. Replacement tag - $0.00
  5. Livestock Evaluation - $100.00
  6. Fence Viewers - $100.00 if requested by Resident

To check whether your dog is at the Glencoe Animal Shelter, you can visit their site at www.glencoeanimalshelter.com.  If the dog has a tag, they will contact the owner.  All dogs picked up by the Glencoe Animal Shelter are scanned for a microchip and their picture is posted on the website.

If you do not claim your dog after 5 days, it is put up for adoption.  The Glencoe Animal Shelter finds homes for all dogs, with the exception of vicious or sick animals.

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