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Have Your Say!

"Have Your Say," Dutton Dunwich helps make it easier and more convenient for people to voice their opinions on municipal programs, services and other community opportunities.  Everyone has a role in building a great community!  If you want to complete any posted surveys/opportunities for input select the links where applicable. 

If you have any positive comments to start the conversation please complete the online form and "Have Your Say!"



Tell SWIFT about your Internet service and usage to help them build 'broadband for everyone'

To connect everyone as effectively and efficiently as possible, SWIFT is collecting information about how residents, farms, and businesses currently use the Internet. This 15-minute survey will help SWIFT to determine where they will invest their funding and support SWIFT in achieving their goal of building “broadband for everyone.”  

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and you may opt out of any question in the survey. All of your responses will be kept confidential.  It will only be used for statistical purposes and will be reported only in aggregated form.  Participants should have their Telecom Service Provider name and contract information at hand. For individuals who use more than one provider, please have the list of user sites and addresses available to input into the survey.

For more information please telephone SWIFT at 519-914-1308 or email.

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