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Joint Declaration - Mayor Purcell’s Additional Comments

Joint Declaration:

Additional comments from Mayor Bob Purcell:

“To-day (Sat) Dutton Dunwich participated in a joint “Declaration of an Emergency” relating to the Corona Virus.

Dutton Dunwich delayed this formal announcement till the County of Elgin & the City of St. Thomas were both ready to proceed. Most other Municipalities within Elgin did the same.

The time leading up to this announcement was spent properly investigating the pros & cons of such an announcement & fully understanding the mutual benefit of doing this together; as an united Team.

This combined approached dramatically lessens the local work involved; when our staff are currently fully occupied.

It also ensures a fully; coordinated effort; especially when you think about the shared services; combined operations and inter-dependent nature of our relationship with each other, in Elgin; plus, St. Thomas.

This formal joint Declaration has 3 major benefits: 

It shares and lightens the administrative work-load; it protects all our Council members; staff & any volunteers from liability claims and it gives us easier access to any related Provincial/Federal funding; when and if available.

Our local Dutton Dunwich Council did not wait for this formal Declaration to take necessary action.

We have; already, taken all the steps possible; to ensure the maximum protection of our citizens; visitors and staff.

A  Motion; was passed at our March 17th Special meeting of Council.  

“That the Mayor & Clerk be authorized to continue to make decisions and implement actions necessary to protect everyone; during, the Corona Virus crisis.

That the Mayor implement our local State of Emergency; when appropriate and beneficial; plus, work with the County of Elgin & possibly the City of St. Thomas; to harmonize this declaration.”

Carried; with ALL in favour via recorded Vote.

Every precaution possible has been implemented to protect us all from infection.

We need your; the public support & cooperation, as we all continue to follow the wise instructions from our Health experts.

ANY questions; please, call me: 519-762-3341

This to will pass!


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