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Letter from the Mayor to Residents

April 15, 2020

TO:  The Residents of Dutton Dunwich

Re: COVID-19 Update

How could this happen in Dutton Dunwich?

As we have discovered along with the rest of the world the simple answer is it can happen quickly and effortlessly.  Our local ‘cluster’ has been fully investigated and isolated to a single group. That group, through no fault of their own became infected by a visitor who attended one of their gatherings in early March.

During the time they were infectious, and before they knew they had Covid-19, the group members attended normal events. By the time they became aware of the virus taking hold, a significant number of individuals had passed it around within the group.

The swift action of Southwestern Public Health and all the cooperative group members working in harmony with the Municipality and the Lions’ Management Team, contained this exposure by means of strict quarantine, self isolation and prompt hospital treatment when warranted.

The only transmission outside the original group occurred at the Lions’ Caledonia II Seniors apartment complex. This transmission occurred almost simultaneously, since a single group member was a resident of Caledonia II and participated in a social gathering in an apartment with a small number of other residents.

Again, swift action by Southwestern Public Health, fully supported by the Municipality and the Lions’ Board of Management resulted in a lock-down of both Lions’ apartment buildings plus, we introduced many other specific mitigation measures.

Any Caledonia II tenants exposed to the virus were immediately contacted, monitored closely and receive daily contact from Southwestern Public Health professionals.

Those measures combined with the excellent cooperation of the residents, has resulted in both homes being released from general quarantine or lock-down this week.

Currently, this cluster has been stopped.

This does not mean that any of us can let our guard down or stop staying at home and social distancing as recommended.

This tragic story could happen again to any of us if we are not careful.


The Dutton and District Lions Non-Profit Housing Corp.

The local LIONS, through this separate legal entity maintains and manages two very popular apartment buildings known as Caledonia Gardens and Caledonia II.  It is important to take note that this non-profit group operates apartment buildings, not nursing or seniors’ homes. 

The LIONS have taken extraordinary steps and have been guided by expert direction from the Southwestern Public Health team to ensure tenants have been properly protected.  No known exposure has occurred at Caledonia Gardens and the Caledonia II victims have all been identified and managed properly.

The LIONS’ Management team and their tenants will not let their guard down as they journey back to a more normal life. Currently none of us have a normal life and that will last for a considerable period.

On the surface this may be perceived as progress and good news. However, the truth is that this is a tragic story featuring death, severe illness, and community grief, and it could happen again anywhere.

Please Stay Safe and obey the guidelines issued by our various levels of government and supported by the critical advice from the health professionals who simply want to save lives and navigate us all through this situation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Bob Purcell


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