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Rockery Garden and Park in Dutton "A friendly, caring, rural community!"

The hard working people of Dutton Dunwich know how to have fun!  Involvement is the main characteristic which sets us apart.  Various clubs and activities are available for those who want to create their enjoyment through participation, whether it be drama, music, golf, lodges, historical or horticultural interests.  For the younger residents we have organized sports, recreational swimming and lessons, and many special events.  Various festivals take place each year at the community centre and also on Main Street.

Strength, Vitality and DiversityCombine Harvesting Wheat

We are proud to recognize our service clubs, day-care facility, long-term care facility, community centre, swimming pool, reference library and several very active churches.  Outdoor recreation is another major feature of the Municipality with its hiking trails, soccer fields, baseball diamonds and parks.  The Trans-Canada Trail passes right through the heart of Dutton Dunwich.  It is a great place to raise a family!

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