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Elgin St Thomas Public Health

Elgin St. Thomas Public Health Unit - Health Status Report

This report is written to help fulfill the health unit's foundational standard to assess the health of the population they serve and to use this evidence to inform the work that they do.

The report has thirteen chapters divided by topic area and the data is compared in many different ways. Elgin St. Thomas is compared to Ontario and its peer health units. There are also comparisons for males and females, by age group and by income wherever possible.

Let's Start a Conversation About Health...

The health unit has adapted a video to raise awareness of how social and economic conditions impact health in our community.  The video, "Let's Start a Conversation about Health" aims to reframe how we talk about health.  It highlights that health is about much more than access to medical care - health begins where we live, learn, work and play.  People have different opportunities for health, largely influenced by our social and economic conditions, such as access to healthy nutritious food.  The video discussion guide can also be found at www.elginhealth.on.ca/Conversation.

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