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Emergency Management

Emergency Preparedness Week - May 1 - 7, 2022

To celebrate Emergency Preparedness Week, the Municipality of Dutton Dunwich encourages you to Be Ready For Anything by completing these Personal Preparedness steps throughout the week:

Personal Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Starts With You!

Make a Plan!

Every household needs an emergency plan. It will help you and your family know what to do in case of an emergency. Remember, your family may not be together when a disaster occurs. Plan how to meet or contact one another and discuss what you would do in different situations.

Create and print a fillable plan for you and your family.

Build a Kit!

Emergencies can happen at any time. This could mean utilities are out, roads are closed and you can’t get the crucial supplies you need. You should be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for up to three days (72 hours) in the event of an emergency or disaster. This allows emergency workers to focus on vulnerable persons. Keep your kit stored in a place everyone in your family is aware of.

72-Hour Kit Checklist

  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Radio and batteries or crank radio
  • Spare batteries
  • Family first aid kit
  • Candles and matches/lighter
  • Extra car keys and cash (small bills and change!)
  • Important papers (identification)
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Blankets or sleeping bags
  • Toilet paper and other personal items
  • Medication, spare glasses, aids
  • Whistle (to attract attention if needed)
  • Playing cards, games, toys
  • Manual can opener, bottle opener
  • Map of the area
  • Duct tape and plastic sheeting
  • Baby supplies/diapers
  • Pocket knife or multi-use tool
  • Container, backpack or bag for your kit
  • Cook stove and fuel (follow manufacturers instructions and never use indoors)
  • Water – at least 4L per person per day (2L for drinking, 2L for food preparation, hygiene or dishwashing)
  • Food for 3 days (choose ready to eat foods that your family likes that do not require refrigeration)

See the below lists for examples of other considerations for your 72-hour kit:

Car Emergency Kit

  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Radio and batteries or crank radio
  • Spare batteries
  • Vehicle first aid kit, safety seatbelt cutter
  • Candles & matches/lighter
  • Booster cables, tow chain/rope
  • Fire extinguisher (ABC type)
  • Tire pump/inflator and tire gauge
  • Gas container, vehicle fluids
  • Survival blankets & hot packs
  • Loud whistle, emergency/help sign
  • Emergency food & water
  • Emergency flares and safety triangle
  • Shovel, multi tool, snow brush/scraper
  • Sand, salt or kitty litter, traction mats
  • Compass, road maps

Seniors’ Emergency Kit

  • Medic alert bracelet and identification
  • List of medication, prescriptions, allergies and special food requirements
  • Service animal emergency kit, mobility support requirements

Special Needs Emergency Kit

  • Set up a support network with family, friends and an out-of-town contact
  • Extra, spare assistive devices, hearing aids, glasses, personal amplifier
  • Alternative/back up plan on any life sustaining equipment or apparatus
  • Medical testing equipment (kits) supply of testing strips, record book, alarms
  • Think of any special needs someone in your family might have, and include any other items that your family would need. Some suggestions include:
    • Babies/Toddlers
      • Diapers, bottled milk, extra cloths, formula and food, toys, crayons and paper
    • Other Family Members
      • Keep at least one week’s supply of medication in your emergency kit and include extra eyeglasses, spare batteries for medical appliances and an extra oxygen cylinder if needed. Include copies of prescriptions for your medicine and glasses.

Pet Emergency Kit

  • Include a 3-day supply of pet food & water
  • Bowls
  • Medications
  • Paper towels
  • Can opener
  • Blanket
  • Small toys
  • Sturdy leash, harness, collar
  • Cat litter pan, plastic bags
  • Carrier for transportation, crate
  • Medical vaccination records, current photo
  • Up-to-date ID tag, copy of license, muzzle if required

Other Tips

  • Pack the contents of your kit in an easy-to-carry bag or a case with wheels
  • Store your kit in a place that is easy to reach, and ensure that everyone in your family knows where it is
  • Check and refresh your kit twice a year – when the clocks shift to/from daylight savings time is a good time. Check all expiry dates and replace food and water with a fresh supply. Check batteries and replace as needed.


Shelter-in-place refers to the practice of remaining indoors during the release of airborne dangerous goods or other noxious air pollutants, as opposed to evacuation the area.

Things to do:

  • Go indoors and stay there.
  • Close all outside doors and every door inside the building.
  • Close all windows.
  • Do not use the bathroom vents or kitchen vents.
  • Set thermostats so air conditioners, furnaces and hot water heaters will not come on.
  • Do not use fireplaces and close all dampers.
  • Do no operate clothes dryer.
  • Shelter in a room away from windows and doors if possible.
  • Reduce or avoid smoking as it contaminates the air.
  • Do not leave the building until told to do so.
  • Stay tuned to local television or radio for information.
  • Do not use the telephone; you may tie up phone lines.

For added protection:

  • Seal the cracks around the doorway with wide tape and a rolled up damp towel at the floor space.
  • If there is a window, tape a piece of plastic over the window to seal it.
  • Be prepared ahead of time by cutting a piece of plastic to the window size and store it and some tape in your shelter in place room. It is imperative that you stay indoors, especially if you see a cloud, vapor, or smoke. You will be safer inside.

Public Notification System

Stay Informed!

Dutton Dunwich Fire Hall Siren

The siren on top of the Fire Hall is tested in the Village of Dutton on the 1st Saturday of each month at 12:00 noon. If you hear this siren going off at any other time day or night, it is to notify you to shelter-in-place. This means to shut your windows and remain indoors as opposed to evacuating the area. For more information on how to shelter-in-place, look under Personal Preparedness. Do not leave your home until you hear the siren go off again after a period of time or until you are contacted by emergency personnel or municipal staff.


Voyent Alert Logo

Voyent Alert! provides informative communications over a variety of communication channels including mobile apps, text/sms alerting, email or voice dial. You can register for one or more communication chanels and track multiple locations such as "kids school" or "Mom's house" within the Municipality of Dutton Dunwich. This smart alerting ensures that you will only get notified when a communication is relevant to you or one of the locations you are tracking.

Registration is FREE, simple and anonymous by using one of the following methods:

  • Download and install the "Voyent Alert!" app from the apple app or google play stores
  • Register online to receive email, voice or text-based alerts at https://register.voyent-alert.com
  • Scan the QR code below for simple registration

QR Scan Code

Alert Ready Logo

Alert Ready is Canada’s emergency alerting system. Alert Ready delivers critical and potentially lifesaving alerts to Canadians through television, radio and LTE-connected and compatible wireless devices.

For more information visit the Alert Ready Website.

To find out if your device is compatible

211 Telephone Number Logo

211 connects people to the right information and social services. This services is FREE, confidential, available 24/7, in 150+ languages and you will always get a live person.

Call 211 or go to the Ontario 211 website for information or referral to:

  • Abuse/Assault
  • Community Programs
  • Disabilities
  • Emergency/Crisis
  • Employment/Training
  • Family Services
  • Food
  • Francophones
  • Government/Legal
  • Health Care
  • Homelessness
  • Housing
  • Income Support
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • LGBTQ+
  • Mental health/Addictions
  • Newcomers
  • Older Adults
  • Youth

In the event of a declared emergency in the Municipality of Dutton Dunwich information on where to go and what to do will be made available through 2-1-1. 

Frequently asked questions graphic

Will they tell anyone about my call?

No – your call to 211 will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

My parents don’t speak English. Can they still use the service?

Yes – They can answer your questions in over 150 languages. If one of their own staff does not speak your language, they will bring a professional interpreter onto the call free of charge.

I am hearing-impaired. Can I use 211’s phone service?

Of course you can – the TTY line is 1-888-340-1001.

What happens if they can’t answer my question?

Their certified information and referral specialists can usually provide you with answers during your call. Occasionally they may need to do additional research and will call you back as soon as possible.

Emergency Response Plan

The Municipality has an active Emergency Response Plan, which is tested on a regular basis. The four key components of emergency management are:

  • prevention/mitigation
  • preparedness
  • response, and
  • recovery.

An emergency situation or impending situation caused by the forces of nature, an accident, an intentional act or otherwise that constitutes a danger of major proportions to life or property.

The Emergency Response Plan is available in an accessible format or with appropriate communication supports upon request. Please contact Kate Morreau at 519-762-2204 or by email

Resource Material

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Police – Fire – Ambulance – Call 9-1-1



  • St. Joseph’s Hospital, 268 Grosvenor St, London ON N6A 4V2 - 519-646-6100
  • University Hospital, 339 Windermere Rd, London ON N6A 5A5 - 519-685-8500
  • Victoria Hospital, 8000 Commissioners Rd E, London ON N6A 5W9 - 519-685-8500


  • Four Counties Health Services, 1824 Concession Dr, Newbury ON N0L 1Z0 - 519-693-4441


  • Elgin-St. Thomas General Hospital, 189 Elm St, St. Thomas ON N5R 5C4 - 519-631-2030


  • Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital, 395 Carrie St, Strathroy ON N7G 3J4 - 519-245-1550

Ontario Provincial Police (Non-Emergency)

  • Dutton, 11167 Currie Road - 519-762-2833
  • St. Thomas, 42696 John Wise Line - 519-631-2920
  • Glencoe, 157 Water Street - 519-287-2620
  • Strathroy, 28444 Centre Road - 519-245-2323
  • Petrolia, 4224 Oil Heritage Road - 519-882-1011
  • Chatham-Kent - 535 Park Ave. East -519-352-1122

TTY Number - 1-888-310-1133

Crime Stoppers

  • London, 601 Dundas St, London ON N6B 1X1 - 519-661-8477 or toll free 1-800-222-8477
  • St. Thomas45 Caso Crossing, St. Thomas ON N5P 1E7 - 519-631-8477 or toll free 1-800-222-8477

Social Services

  • Victim Services Elgin, 146 Centre St, St. Thomas ON N5R 3A3 - 519-631-3182
  • Anova Women’s Helpline - 519-642-3000
  • Abused Women’s Helpline Elgin County- 1-800-265-4305
  • Kids Help Phone - 1-800-668-6868
  • Marine & Air Search & Rescue -1-800-267-7270
  • Youth Crisis Line - 519-660-4357
  • ConnexOntario - Addiction, Mental Health & Problem Gambling Treatment Services - 1-800-565-8603
  • Family & Children’s Services of St. Thomas & Elgin, 410 Sunset Dr, St. Thomas ON N5R 3C7 - 519-631-1570 or toll free 1-800-260-6960
  • Elgin County Social Services, 450 Sunset Dr, St. Thomas ON N5R 5V1 - 519-631-1570
  • Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Treatment Centre - 519-646-6100 x. 64224
  • Sexual Assault Centre Crisis Line - 519-438-2272


  • Hydro One Networks- 1-888-664-9376
  • Entegrus - 1-866-666-7566
  • Enbridge / Union Gas - 1-888-774-3111


  • CAA-AAA Auto Club & Travel Agency - 1-800-222-4357
  • Poison Information Centre - 1-800-268-9017


Make a Plan! Build a Kit! Stay Informed!

Emergency Officials work to ensure the readiness of our communities, municipalities and province in an emergency event. However, we as individuals also have a responsibility to ensure our own safety and that of our family.

Be Emergency Prepared!

  • Office Hours

  • Monday to Friday,
  • 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • (except statutory holidays)