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Municipal Heritage Committee

About the Committee

The Municipal Heritage Committee advises Dutton Dunwich’s Municipal Council on heritage matters, including the designation of properties and landscapes under the Ontario Heritage Act. It also compiles a list of architecturally interesting properties for inclusion on the municipal heritage register.  The Committee consists of six community volunteers, a municipal Councillor, Planner and Executive Assistant. It meets monthly and researches properties of interest, bringing them to the attention of staff and Council.   

One of the Municipality's Official Plan's objectives is "to protect and enhance the cultural and natural heritage resources of the municipality."

The Municipal Heritage Committee's Mission Statement supports the Official Plan to "protect, promote and provide education and interpretation of Dutton Dunwich’s cultural heritage assets."

Planning for the future of a strong, vibrant community requires knowledge of the past and an understanding of what we value in the present

The Heritage Committee's Terms of Reference

Q & As

What is heritage designation?

  • Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act is how a community can protect its historic buildings and landscapes.

What are the benefits?

  • Helps to define a community’s identity, character, pride and sense of place.
  • Protects a property from unsympathetic alterations, which may decrease it historic, architectural and monetary value.
  • Prevents demolition without Council approval.
  • Protects the cultural value of houses, barns, fences, bridges, cemeteries and landscapes.
  • Designation does not impose restrictions or additional expenses, preclude alterations or expansions, result in higher insurance premiums or obligate an owner to restore features of a property.
  • A study of 3,000 Ontario properties showed that about 60% of designated properties had higher than average values.

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