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Military Heroes Past and Present 2015

The book, “Valour," with all the two hundred and twenty plus names, photos and paragraphs about each WW II enlisted man and woman from the village of Dutton and the Township of Dunwich was the catalyst for Military Heroes.

Multiple anniversaries of WWII occur throughout the coming year, so rather than choose to create an event to venerate one conflict/peace keeping mission, we chose to honour all ....past & present, not to glorify war, but rather to show the high human cost of peace.

A committee was formed and this event was brought to life with displays of air, land and sea personnel, vehicles, artifacts, medals and so much more, all free and family friendly at the Dutton Dunwich Community Centre. Our goal for this two day event was to educate the public; to bring attention to all Dutton Dunwich men and women who fought in WWII; to honour peace keepers/veterans of all conflicts who fought for the freedoms we now enjoy.

Our young folk need heroes today that embody all that is good and honourable. Heroes that lived in the real world rather than virtual super heroes. Our event brought attention to these real life Dutton Dunwich heroes and others, who in their own way, made our life here a safer, better place.


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