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Public Notices

Ontario Marks 50 Anniversary of Earth Day

Ontario Marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

April 22, 2020

An opportunity to increase awareness and appreciation of earth’s natural environment

TORONTO — Today, Jeff Yurek, Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks released the following statement on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

"Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the day that we as global citizens come together to increase awareness and appreciation of Earth's natural environment.

It's a chance to reflect on the importance of the environment to our own health and wellbeing, and what we must do to protect it for future generations. As we continue to fight the spread of COVID-19, we are seeing, first hand, how our personal contributions make a difference.

Now, more than ever, true meaningful action begins at home.

I've been so inspired by what I've seen online these past few weeks. I've seen gardeners re-growing their own produce from vegetable stalks and making seed pods using old toilet paper rolls, people sewing masks from used textiles and children creating homemade "thank you" signs to show appreciation to frontline waste collection workers.

I've also been encouraged by all the organizations like the Toronto Zoo and Earth Rangers stepping it up to offer free daily educational activities virtually that help growing minds stay connected with nature and wildlife, while practicing physical distancing.

Our government continues to take action to support a healthy and clean environment through actions committed to in our Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan. Through our plan, we will continue to protect our land, air, and water, address litter and reduce waste, and fight climate change.  

So today, on Earth Day, I want to thank you all for your incredible contributions and I look forward to engaging with you as we work together to make our communities and our province a cleaner, healthier place to live, work and grow."



Andrew Buttigieg
Minister’s Office

Gary Wheeler
Communications Branch

Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

Letter from the Mayor to Residents

April 15, 2020

TO:  The Residents of Dutton Dunwich

Re: COVID-19 Update

How could this happen in Dutton Dunwich?

As we have discovered along with the rest of the world the simple answer is it can happen quickly and effortlessly.  Our local ‘cluster’ has been fully investigated and isolated to a single group. That group, through no fault of their own became infected by a visitor who attended one of their gatherings in early March.

During the time they were infectious, and before they knew they had Covid-19, the group members attended normal events. By the time they became aware of the virus taking hold, a significant number of individuals had passed it around within the group.

The swift action of Southwestern Public Health and all the cooperative group members working in harmony with the Municipality and the Lions’ Management Team, contained this exposure by means of strict quarantine, self isolation and prompt hospital treatment when warranted.

The only transmission outside the original group occurred at the Lions’ Caledonia II Seniors apartment complex. This transmission occurred almost simultaneously, since a single group member was a resident of Caledonia II and participated in a social gathering in an apartment with a small number of other residents.

Again, swift action by Southwestern Public Health, fully supported by the Municipality and the Lions’ Board of Management resulted in a lock-down of both Lions’ apartment buildings plus, we introduced many other specific mitigation measures.

Any Caledonia II tenants exposed to the virus were immediately contacted, monitored closely and receive daily contact from Southwestern Public Health professionals.

Those measures combined with the excellent cooperation of the residents, has resulted in both homes being released from general quarantine or lock-down this week.

Currently, this cluster has been stopped.

This does not mean that any of us can let our guard down or stop staying at home and social distancing as recommended.

This tragic story could happen again to any of us if we are not careful.


The Dutton and District Lions Non-Profit Housing Corp.

The local LIONS, through this separate legal entity maintains and manages two very popular apartment buildings known as Caledonia Gardens and Caledonia II.  It is important to take note that this non-profit group operates apartment buildings, not nursing or seniors’ homes. 

The LIONS have taken extraordinary steps and have been guided by expert direction from the Southwestern Public Health team to ensure tenants have been properly protected.  No known exposure has occurred at Caledonia Gardens and the Caledonia II victims have all been identified and managed properly.

The LIONS’ Management team and their tenants will not let their guard down as they journey back to a more normal life. Currently none of us have a normal life and that will last for a considerable period.

On the surface this may be perceived as progress and good news. However, the truth is that this is a tragic story featuring death, severe illness, and community grief, and it could happen again anywhere.

Please Stay Safe and obey the guidelines issued by our various levels of government and supported by the critical advice from the health professionals who simply want to save lives and navigate us all through this situation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Bob Purcell


Shout Out to Stallergenes Greer Canada Inc Employees

Bringing a good news story from Dutton!

The amazing employees at Stallergenes Greer Canada Inc., located in Dutton are fundamental in their desire to stay healthy, produce medications and care for patients. They have learned to work from home, navigate multiple on-line platforms and protect each other on site by wearing masks at work, splitting shifts and rearranging their offices to guarantee distancing. 

They also combed through their supply cupboard and figured out a way to donate hundreds of masks to St. Joe’s hospital in London to support the front-line workers. 

Christina Porter, President of Stallergenes Greer Canada Inc., stated “this is a function of the community spirit they’ve learned living in a community like Dutton Dunwich. What a great place!”

I love the sign on their front door and wanted to give a shout out and acknowledge this amazing group of employees. 

A Message from the Mayor!

To:  Dutton Dunwich Community Members

While respecting Privacy Laws, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you as much information as possible.

Dutton Dunwich has been hard hit by COVID-19; including, two deaths, others in hospital and numerous confirmed or presumptive cases; that are not yet included in SWPH (South West Public Health) statistics.

Frankly, it is worse than you might realize.

It is a reality that community members can transmit this nasty bug simply by being friendly, checking in on others or celebrating family.  This virus does not care how it travels.

To some it may seem that the Dutton Dunwich Emergency Management Team have taken drastic measures; including closures, facility lockdowns and restricting your travel or ability to work.

Although it may feel like you are losing your personal freedoms and liberty, you are in fact protecting your family, friends and neighbours.

All these measures are being implemented to save lives!  We cannot relax these measures now - too much is at stake.

Please, stay at home, as much as possible & if you must go out, even for groceries, think about what you can do to contain the spread of COVID-19.


Please avoid touching multiple grocery items to get just the right loaf of bread, bunch of bananas or package of meat at the right price.

We all can do our part, by obeying any restrictions in place, designed to starve this virus and make it difficult to jump to a new host. 

“Please, do your part to keep our community safe and healthy!!”



NEWS RELEASE - Elgin County Encourages Residents to Avoid Heading to Cottages.

April 2, 2020
For immediate release

Elgin County encourages residents to avoid heading to cottages

COUNTY OF ELGIN – The County of Elgin is urging all residents and cottagers to avoid any non-essential travel, including heading to rural cottages and properties. The County of Elgin recognizes that while cottagers might like to socially distance themselves at their cottage during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, now is not the right time. Cottagers, who are usually welcome in Elgin County, are being asked during this time to refrain from staying at their cottages and to consider the impacts a higher, unexpected presence can have on rural populations.
“We must work together during these times to maintain our community’s strength and resiliency,” said Warden Dave Mennill. “Normally, we welcome seasonal friends. During this time we are encouraging cottagers and rural property owners to stay safe at home where supplies are much more easily accessible and medical treatment facilities are better equipped to handle higher volumes.”
For those who are already at their cottage, rural property or seasonal residence, the Federation of Ontario Cottagers has the following advice:
  • Make sure you have obtained several weeks’ worth of provisions before leaving your community. Should you need anything urgent such as prescription medications, call ahead and see if there are 
  • options for a safe delivery or pick-up;
  • Continue to maintain social distancing;
  • Consider where your health needs can be best met in an emergency situation.
On March 29, 2020, Dr. Theresa Tam, the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, noted “Urban dwellers/Cottagers should resist the urge to head to the cottage and rural properties as these  communities have less capacity to manage COVID-19.”
On March 27, 2020, Ontario Premier Doug Ford also asked residents in urban areas to avoid heading to their cottages and rural properties across the province during the Coronavirus pandemic, adding 
that rural areas may have more difficulty replenishing essential items if there is an added demand.
To stay informed on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Elgin and Oxford Counties, please visit the Southwestern Public Health website at: www.swpublichealth.ca or Elgin County’s dedicated 
For additional information, please contact:
Warden Dave Mennill  dmennill@elgin.ca


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