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Public Notices

PRESS RELEASE - Gradual Reopening of Facilities and Parks – June 25, 2020


For Immediate Release

Gradual Reopening of Facilities and Parks – June 22, 2020

DUTTON DUNWICH ON – June 25, 2020.  On June 8, 2020 the Ontario government announced that it is permitting more recreational activities to open by moving forward with the Stage 2 of reopening the province.  Part of this announcement includes the reopening of water recreational facilities such as outdoor splash pads, wading pools, and all swimming pools, outdoor-only recreational facilities and training for outdoor team sports, with limits to enable physical distancing.

Although this is extremely encouraging, we are urging our residents to exercise caution and continue to follow Southwestern Public Health advice.

The municipality is currently developing/implementing a plan to conditionally reopen our park areas after receiving guidelines from Southwestern Public Health.  However, residents need to note this will be a gradual process and our park facilities will have restrictions to keep everyone safe.  Coordination of the reopening is not an easy task as we need to ensure that individuals and families have safe access to outdoor spaces.  It is critical residents take everyday steps to reduce exposure to COVID-19, such as maintaining physical distancing by staying two metres apart from anyone outside of their household, washing hands regularly, and staying home if feeling unwell.

We are diligently working with the Southwestern Public Health, individuals who usually run programs inside our facilities and community sports groups to develop safe participation and playing environments.  If physical/social distancing cannot be maintained by the public then permitting use of certain park facilities may not be permitted.

The Municipality is soliciting residents’ patience as we collectively determine how to accommodate groups of no more than 10.  To accommodate this Provincial Order the municipality may have to scheduled team times, limiting patrons at the splash pad, reduced hours of operation, limited individual user times etc., this is in an effort to ensure social/physical distancing currently mandated under our “new” normal is maintained.

Recreational programs being run by individuals in our community i.e., Zumba, Taekwondo etc., wishing to utilize Municipal green space (until facilities reopen) must submit a written request to the Municipality to review and approve.  The written request can be emailed to info@duttondunwich.on.ca and indicate the days and times individuals plan to run the program and outline all precautions being implemented for the safety of everyone i.e., having hand sanitizer available etc.  Mandatory social distancing, and no groups larger than 10 are required to be observed.  Once the Municipality has reviewed your request you will be contacted with our decision.

Unfortunately, the limited construction projects permitted under the Emergency Declaration prevented the major repairs to be completed at the pool, therefore the pool will be closed this year.

For the safety of all our residents the Municipality will be monitoring our public spaces to ensure Southwestern Public Health guidelines are being followed permitting the public to enjoy Municipal facilities worry free and in a safe manner. We have all the confidence in our residents to abide by Southwestern Public Health guidelines, however if violations are observed the Municipality reserves the right to close facilities with no notice.

The safety of our residents is of paramount importance.  Stay safe!


The Daffodil Auxiliary Receives First Harvest from the Community Garden!

West Elgin Mutual have sent the first harvest off to the Daffodil Auxiliary and Caring Cupboard last week - radishes, spinach and kale!  Everything is growing like crazy, and more will be going out this week. Weeds are also going crazy and the ground plot is starting to look a little worse for wear. Volunteers are always welcome. Please contact Raewyn Perry, Executive Assistant at Tel: 519-762-3530 if you are able to help!

Keep Pets Safe this Summer, Do Not Leave Them in Hot Vehicles


June 22, 2020

Ontario has toughest penalties in Canada for violations

The Ontario government is strongly urging everyone to ensure their pet is not left unattended in a vehicle during the hot summer weather. Temperatures inside a vehicle can quickly become much hotter than the temperature outside even if the windows are opened slightly. This can put pets at risk of serious illness and possibly death. If your pet can't be with you at your destination, leave them at home where they will be safe, cool and comfortable.

"It is critically important to ensure all pets are protected from the potential fatal effects of the hot summer sun," said Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General. "Leaving pets to suffer in a sweltering vehicle will not be tolerated and we have adopted tough new laws to deter this type of reckless behaviour in the province."

Ontario is the first jurisdiction in Canada to implement a full provincial government-based animal welfare enforcement system. The Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) Act came into effect January 1, 2020 and allows police, First Nations constables and provincial animal welfare inspectors to enter motor vehicles to help pets in distress. The legislation also has the strongest penalties in the country for people who violate animal welfare laws, including causing distress to animals.

If you see an animal in a hot car and are concerned the animal's life is in immediate danger, dial 911. Members of the public should not attempt to enter a vehicle in these situations.  


  • Unlike humans, dogs have a very limited ability to sweat. Even a short period in a hot environment can cause suffering and distress, which could result in brain damage or death.
  • Excessive panting, drooling, listlessness, collapsing or seizures are all examples of visible signs of heat stress in animals. If you witness these signs in your pet, move the animal to a cool area and seek veterinary attention immediately.
  • Cruelty to any animal is not tolerated in Ontario. If you think an animal is in distress or being abused, call 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625).



Stephen Warner
Solicitor General’s Office

Brent Ross
Communications Branch

Ministry of the Solicitor General

Splashpad Reopening June 22, 2020

Our splashpad and nearby washrooms are reopening as of Monday, June 22 at 9am!!!  The Municipality has been extraordinarily diligent to ensure patrons have the most enjoyable visit to the splashpad. We thank you for your patience, but your safety is of paramount importance to us!  

We did our part now we are asking patrons to do theirs!  Therefore, we are providing the following non-negotiable rules and guidelines that must be adhered to at all times and which are also posted around the splashpad and the adjacent park area.  

Enjoy Breezy’s Splashpad safely and respectfully - the way Breezy would want you to!

  • The splashpad’s hours of operation will be from 9am to 8pm
  • The washrooms near the splashpad will be available for use during the splashpad’s hours of operation.
  • Social distancing is to be maintained at all times therefore the number of patrons using the splashpad must not exceed 10. 
  • Patron’s must limit their play time to a maximum of 30 minutes to ensure all residents have equal access to the splashpad.
  • Parents, guardians or caregivers are responsible for children under their care to ensure the Municipality’s rules and Southwestern Public Health guidelines are followed.
  • The water fountain will not be functional at this time therefore patrons will need to bring their own re-usable water bottles.
  • “Be Smart Stay Apart” ground decals will be installed to remind patrons of the social/physical distancing requirement.
  • Larger group’s (i.e., daycare centre) must reserve a time to bring children to the splashpad.  Notice of not less than one week must be provided to and approved by the Municipality therefore permitting this information to be posted in advance for other residents. 
  • Larger groups will observe the splashpad’s maximum capacity of 10 children and the group organizer will be responsible to coordinate and ensure compliance.
  • For patron’s safety please follow the posted rules and Southwestern Public Health Unit guidelines. 
  • For the safety of all our residents this are will be monitored to ensure the Splashpad rules and Southwestern Public Health Unit guidelines are being followed permitting patrons to enjoy the splashpad worry free, and in a safe manner.  

Take care, have fun and stay safe!

Considerations for sale of second-hand items and/or yard and garage sales

Southwestern Public Health Guidelines

It is important to note that the emergency order issued by the Government of Ontario currently prohibits public and social gatherings of more than ten people (June 12, 2020). Anyone hosting or attending an event that would exceed this number of persons at any given time on your property is subject to the penalties set out within this order.

As well, many municipalities have prohibited yard/garage sales, these bans may be enforced by by-law officers or local police. Check with your local Municipality for information on this before organizing a yard/garage sale.

At this time, large scale, collective street/community sales are not recommended, however, if individuals choose to participate in second-hand item exchanges, individual yard/garage sales, here are some key considerations:

Key considerations for hosting a yard sale


  • Have a plan to reinforce limiting number of people to adhere to the Provincial orders. This may include designating a person to monitor the numbers and/or posting signage at the end of your property asking people to wait if there are ten individuals already shopping.
  • Position tables as far apart as possible to allow for physical distancing of 2m (6’).
  • Identify a specific traffic flow so that customers are moving in one direction by posting signs or taping arrows on pavement
  • Have hand sanitizer available for yourself and customers’ use
  • For cash exchange ensure that you wash/sanitize your hands before and after touching the money. *New bills are made of plastic so can be sanitized as well as any coins
  • Designate a cash box space for customers to set their money down and retrieve change from rather than directly exchanging money
  • If physical distancing is difficult, it is recommended that a non-medical mask/face covering of 2 layers be used
  • Limit the handling of items as much as possible once your sale has begun – sanitizing hands before and after adjusting items
  • Food should not be an item sold at street/yard/garage sales.


  • Do not go out if you have any of the following symptoms
  • Clean your hands regularly and often (think before, during, after) when you arrive and leave the garage sale
  • Stay 6 feet from others while shopping
  • Have only one member of your household do the shopping
  • Look for the direction to follow the specific flow of traffic the seller has laid out for the sale
  • Consider wearing a non-medical mask especially if you are unable to maintain 6 feet of distance from others. If you are unable to wear a mask and physical distancing will be difficult to maintain consider sending a friend/relative to shop for you.
  • Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes or mouth
  • Limit the handling of items as much as possible – sanitizing hands before and after, post signage to remind people of this.
  • Wipe down the inside of your vehicle where the item was stored or take a bag to put the items you purchase in so you can discard or clean upon return home
  • For cash exchange ensure that you wash/sanitize your hands before and after touching the money. *New bills are made of plastic so can be sanitized as well as any coins

The virus causing COVID-19 cannot grow on inanimate objects (such as money) or surfaces. However, the virus can survive for hours to days on different surfaces, although the levels will decline over time.  Sanitize any objects you can prior to bringing them into your home after a sale/purchase (i.e. plastics, metals, wood, washing of fabrics) and for objects that cannot be disinfected (i.e. cloth furniture) leave them in a quarantined area for a 48hr timeframe.

Be kind. Be Patient. These are extraordinary times that we are all going through together. For more information on COVID-19 and how to stay healthy visit: www.swpublichealth.ca or call the Southwestern Public Health ‘COVID-19 Callfor assistance at: 1-800-922-0096 x 9


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