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211 Ontario


211:  Is available to Dutton Dunwich residents.
211:  It is your number to call for information to connect to a complete range of government and community-based health and social services.
211:  It is your number to call for information during emergencies in our municipality.

Callers with a hearing impairment can use the TTY line: 1-866-488-9311.

211 Ontario  is a telephone and web service that provides information to the public about community and social services in Ontario.  Calls are answered 24/7/365 by professional information and referral specialists who are trained to assess caller needs, and to refer callers to the most appropriate resources close to home, and provide guidance around program eligibility, transportation options, financial assistance and more.  Finding help is easier when you make the right call.

Information During Emergencies

211 will be a source of information available to residents directly impacted by an emergency, who require information about relief assistance or instructions to protect their safety.  211 will relay accurate information and instructions provided by municipal and emergency officials during emergencies.  It is hoped that the public will be less inclined to call 911 looking for information as 911 is to be used to report emergencies or request assistance from police, fire or medical services – not to obtain information.

Using 211

211 is not a public notification system, it is a public inquiry service that can provide authorized information during emergencies.
211 is not a new information line.  The service is intended for those who have been directly impacted by a crisis or disaster and who need information about assistance that might be available to them such as local relief services, the location of the nearest emergency shelter, water distribution centres, shelter in place information, etc.

What are some examples of when 211 might be activated?

  • Following a large-scale disaster that require a community response (i.e. tornado).
  • During a large-scale evacuation following a disaster.
  • When emergency shelters are opened for residents due to a disaster
  • Following a severe weather event causing major damage to communities and infrastructure.
  • During a drinking water advisory (boil water notice).
  • Following a widespread power outage during extremely hot or cold temperatures, when emergency shelters or warming or cooling centres are opened to the public.
  • Following a disaster when volunteers or donations are needed.

To obtain information about power outages, do not call 211 – call your local service provider or visit their website:

  • Entegrus:      1-866-666-7566
  • Hydro One:   1-800-434-1235

211 Annual Report

Here’s a fun quiz that explains the difference between 211, 311 and 911.   What's the difference?

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