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Discover Dutton Dunwich

Discover Dutton Dunwich is the go-to location if you are looking for a place to open a business; visit or explore historical sites; work on genealogical projects; cycle; hike; bird watch; star gaze; examine heritage trees; find rare prairie grasses; locate farm gate markets; view beautiful horses in meadows; explore Carolinian forests and enjoy nature at its finest.

The information and map links below will help guide you around our community whatever your interest.  (Not all Links may activate as we are in the process of building this page).

  • Family History Resources
  • Heritage Trees
  • Natural Areas
  • Rare Prairie Grasslands
  • Farm Gate Markets
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  • Dutton Dunwich Quilt Barn Trail
  • Horse Farms & Equestrian Centres/Riding Stables
  • Historical Sites
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  • Elgin Art Trail
  • Barn quilts honour our quilters and the textile arts.  Barn quilts draw attention to the magnificent barns that are fast disappearing.  Barn quilts tell stories.  They draw motorists to our rural highways, roads that have many stories to tell.  Barn Quilts are rural graffiti - civic art pointing to sacred places, battlefields, and historic locations that we have forgotten about.
  • Artisans
  • Downtown Dutton Wall Mural by Artist Jenny Philips  "Show Ring - Wallacetown Fair"
  • Local Businesses

In 1803 Colonel Thomas Talbot settled at the mouth of a creek on the north shore of Lake Erie and established Port Talbot, which became the headquarters for allocating acreage to settlers.  Step back in time at Backus-Page House Museum on Lakeview Line adjacent to John E. Pearce Provincial Park where you can learn about early settler life and the history of the Talbot Settlement.  Discover more about events and operating hours at Backus-Page House Museum,

Stories, photos and history write-ups will be posted to the global website Historypin.  The history of the Talbot Settlement and individual stories, photos, data and a village book “A Tribute To Valour” that contains photos and information about each man or woman from Dutton Dunwich who served in WWII will soon be available to enjoy at Historypin.  Another book for WWI and other conflicts is currently being compiled which will be shared on Historypin upon completion.

Historypin was developed as a resource centre to educate and preserve history. Pins mark locations on Google maps.

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